C-Band Lnbf C1W-Pll - Phase Lock Loop Wideband Lnb

C-Band Lnbf C1W-Pll - Phase Lock Loop Wideband Lnb

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C-Band Lnbf C1W-Pll - Phase Lock Loop Wideband Lnb

The Titanium Satellite wideband C1W-PLL features the simplicity of voltage controlled polarity selection. Exceptional performance and stability required for reliable reception of S2, high FEC and narrow bandwidth satellite transponders between 3.4-4.2Ghz. If you have interference from 4G LTE, wide area WiFi or Radar, purchase the Titanium Satellite C1-PLL or C2-PLL with interference filtering. Developed using the latest PLL chipsets with a balance of gain, isolation, stability and amplification produces a Phase Look Loop C-Band LNBF that outperforms all other C-Band LNBFs. Titanium Satellite products are 2x factory tested then inspected by an independent third party service to insure complete manufacturing and performance compliance. The C1W-PLL heavy cast aluminum mass and thick wall housing sports a glossy snow white color protective finish. This attractive finish with offsetting cool grey hardware not only looks great, but it also reduces overheating when exposed to direct sunlight. The natural color aluminum cooling fins also assist in dissipating heat from the electronics and body mass results in a lower operating temperature with increased performance. The craftsmanship, quality components and innovative design make the C1W-PLL superior to any C-band LNBF available on the market. Provided with a secure fitting, Royal Blue color feedhorn cover, dielectric slab insert for circular C-band reception and mounting hardware. The included flat type three ring scalar is tapped for mounting on button hook, three and four leg prime focus dishes. Titanium hardware is secured with Allen Head type screws, key tool and the industry first waterproof, 3GHz, blue-insert, F-fitting coax connection. The C1W-PLL is a simple way to increase performance and signal reliability of your BUD C-band satellite system without breaking the bank! C1-PLL, C2-PLL, C1WPLL and C2WPLL logos are trademarks of Titanium Satellite

Features of C-Band Lnbf C1W-Pll - Phase Lock Loop Wideband Lnb

Worlds First Wideband PLL (Phase Lock Loop) C-band LNBF (3.4 - 4.2Ghz) Perfect for receiving hard to capture weak signals Lock onto high FEC and Low SR DVBS and S2 channels Stability: +/-50Khz and 10Khz at operational temperature Limited Lifetime Warranty against Defect and Frequency Drift

Specification of C-Band Lnbf C1W-Pll - Phase Lock Loop Wideband Lnb

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C-Band Lnbf C1W-Pll - Phase Lock Loop Wideband Lnb

C-Band Lnbf C1W-Pll - Phase Lock Loop Wideband Lnb

$124.99 $138.99
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