Leviton Zigbee Omnistat2, Conventional & Heat Pump with Auxiliary Heat, Silver

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Leviton Zigbee Omnistat2, Conventional & Heat Pump with Auxiliary Heat, Silver

Uses Zigbee Wireless To Communicate With Other Devices On The Zigbee Network

Leviton's Omnistat2 programmable communicating thermostats (PCTs) are a flexible product designed for use by utility companies for Home Area Network (HAN) use in Smart Grid programs. The unique design of the Omnistat2 allows it to be used as a thermostat and an In Home Display (IHD) at the same time.

The Omnistat2 utilizes an easy to understand Multicolor Display that can change colors in response to utility related events. The Omnistat2 thermostat communicates with smart meters and can be used to display and control Leviton products, such as Load Control Modules (LCM). The Omnistat2 thermostat may be controlled by Leviton's IHD.

Omnistat2 thermostats provide precise digital temperature control over the Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) system using advanced digital technology that learns the heating/cooling patterns of the home to control the equipment for maximum efficiency and comfort. Omnistat2 thermostats stand out against their competition!

Omnistat2 thermostats have an automatic heat/cool changeover, which features an automatic switch from heating to cooling mode and back without any manual operation. The Fan cycle mode periodically circulates air for comfort. To adjust temperature settings, simply turn the scroll wheel to the right or left. Omnistat2 thermostats do not require batteries to retain their settings and time.

The Omnistat2 user interfaces are intuitive and easy for the homeowner to use. Thermostat pages can be customized to provide any type of energy awareness information that a customer may require. Omnistat2 thermostats can provide real time feedback for customers about their usage in a simple easy to understand format, including providing charts and graphs of HVAC usage, total energy consumption, comparative analysis with typical energy usage, and even Carbon Footprint data. The graphic energy display can change color as an easy way to show energy state or events. When available from the utility, the Omnistat2 shows the current cost of energy, how much energy the homeowner has used, and the current cost of the homeowner's utility bill.

  • Digitally precise temperature control
  • 7 day programmable
  • Multicolor backlight, user defined color
  • Proximity/motion detector, screen lights up when approached
  • Vacation mode
  • Easy to navigate menus
  • Communicates with automation systems, utility control systems, and personal computers
  • Displays outdoor temperature
  • Optionally compatible with the Samsung SmartThings Automation Hub
  • Graphical display of HVAC usage, by week
  • Filter reminder
  • Large graphical display
  • Learns the patterns of your house and uses smart control to apply maximum comfort with efficiency
  • Automatic heat/cool changeover
  • Fan cycle mode
  • Multi-color backlight (over 100 colors) adjustable at any time
  • Choose between a simple or advanced display, based upon what information you want to view
  • Proximity/motion detector, screen lights up when approached

You may change the backlighting from blue to red or any color in between by turning the knob. This capability, adjustable at any time, provides you with over one hundred customizable backlight colors, Omnistat2 thermostats have a proximity/motion detector so that its screen lights up when it is approached, which makes it easy to adjust in the dark of the night.

The Omnistat2 can optionally display outdoor temperature and humidity. It can also display a graphical display of HVAC usage/energy consumption by week and has a filter reminder for peak efficiency. You may switch between a simple or advanced display, based upon what information you want to view.


The homeowner may schedule HVAC activity using a easy-to-use 7 day schedule function. The equipment may be set back when the house is not occupied in order to save on energy costs. The Omnistat2 has a built-in vacation mode feature that restores temperatures before arriving home.

Omnistat2 thermostats allow homeowners to have a different program option for every day of the week, which makes them flexible enough for homeowners who have different schedules every day. Additionally, these thermostats have a copy feature to make it easy to copy a program schedule from one day to the next.


Utility companies may alert homeowners that a known power outage has occured. They can even deliver estimated repair times.

Additionally, when dealing with Demand Response Programs, (see right image) homeowners are alerted with a message. If they choose to override the utility company's demand request, utility prices could be higher. Homeowners can elect to proceed or cancel.


Both Omnistat2 thermostats and IHDs are capable of acting as a ZigBee coordinator, which means that they can be used to control Load Control Modules (LCMs) and thermostats for increased ease of use by the homeowner. Adjustments can be made to water heaters, air conditioning compressors, and more.

Omnistat2 thermostats support one external temperature sensor for indoor or outdoor. When an outdoor sensor has been set up, the outdoor temperature is displayed on the Advanced Display of the Omnistat2. The temperature from a remote temperature sensor can be combined with the onboard Omnistat2 temperature sensor to determine the average temperature of two locations, and this average temperature may then be used for comparison to heat/cool set points.

Omnistat2 thermostats communicate with Leviton home control systems, as well with other manufacturer's automation systems.

Smart Grid products interoperate with I-Tron, L&G, Smartsync, Sensus, and others.

About Zigbee Pro

ZigBee Pro technology establishes a standard approach for wireless products worldwide, eliminating the need for proprietary technology. Home automation solutions can take advantage of a consistent wireless communication technology which offers unprecedented benefits in operational reliability, control, convenience, and security.

Specifications of Leviton Zigbee Omnistat2, Conventional & Heat Pump with Auxiliary Heat, Silver
Brand Name Home
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