New Rca Rcr160Tnlm1 Tv Remote Control

BSTB0032V166G New Rca Rcr160Tnlm1 Tv Remote Control 9.07 New In stock
Brand: RCA
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New Rca Rcr160Tnlm1 Tv Remote Control

This a bulk TV remote, meaning that it is packaged exactly how it would have come with your TV originally, in a plastic bag with no instructions.There are no instructions, any instructions for the remote would have been provided with your TV originally.This is not considered retail packaging, no blister packs to open. Comes as photographed in a plastic bag. These are brand new over stock from the factory.

Features of New Rca Rcr160Tnlm1 Tv Remote Control
  • For RCA tv models listed.
  • May be programmable to VCR, DVD, Audio, SAT/CABLE box
  • Key function buttons illuminate for easy use in dark room.
  • Originally supplied with models: HD44LPW62, HD44LPW62YX1, HD44LPW62YX12, HD44LPW62YX2, HD50LPW62, HD50LPW62APK, HD50LPW62AYX1, HD50LPW62AYX1(W1), HD50LPW62AYX12PK, HD50LPW62AYX2, HD50LPW62AYX2(W1), HD50LPW62AYX2PK, HD50LPW62AYX2PK(W1), HD50LPW62AYX6PK, HD50LPW62AYX7PK, HD50LPW62BYX12PK, HD50LPW69, HD50LPW69YX1, HD50LPW69YX12, HD52W66, HD52W66YX10, HD52W66YX2, HD52W66YX20, HD52W66YX21, HD52W66YX30, HD52W66YX31, HD52W66YX32, HD52W66YX33, HD52W66YX35, HD52W66YX36, HD52W66YX38, HD52W66YX39, HD52W66YX50, HD52W66YX51, HD52W66YX56, HD52W66YX61, HD52W67, HD52W67YX20, HD52W68, HD52W68YX20, HD52W68YX21, HD52W68YX22, HD52W68YX30, HD52W68YX31, HD52W68YX32, HD52W68YX50, HD56W65, HD56W65YX20, HD56W66, HD56W66YX20, HD56W66YX21, HD56W66YX22, HD56W66YX23, HD56W66YX30, HD56W66YX31, HD56W66YX32, HD56W66YX33, HD56W66YX38, HD56W66YX39, HD56W66YX50, HD56W66YX51, HD56W66YX60, HD56W66YX61, HD56W68, HD56W68YX2, HD56W68YX20, HD56W68YX22, HD56W68YX30, HD56W68YX31, HD56W68YX38, HD56W68YX39, HD61LPW62, HD61LPW62YX1, HD61LPW62YX2, HD61W66, HD61W66YX20, HD61W66YX21, HD61W66YX22, HD61W66YX23, HD61W66YX30, HD61W66YX31, HD61W66YX32, HD61W66YX33, HD61W66YX38, HD61W66YX39, HD61W66YX50, HD61W66YX51, HD61W66YX60, HD61W66YX61, HD61W68, HD61W68YX20, HD61W68YX22, HD61W68YX30, HD61W68YX31, HD61W68YX32, HD61W68YX38, HD61W68YX39, M50WH72S, M50WH72SYX11, M50WH72SYX12, RCR160TNLM1, HD44LPW62YXZ, HD5ZW66YXZ1
  • Compatible with models: D27F750, D27F750TYX1, D32F750, D32F750T, D32F750TYX1, D52W2, D52W23, D52W23YX1, D52W23YX22, D52W23YX30, D52W23YX31, D52W23YX32, D52W23YX33, D52W23YX38, D52W23YX39, D52W23YX50, D52W23YX51, D52W23YX61, D52W25, D52W25YX1, D52W25YX10, D52W25YX38, D52W25YX39, D52W26, D52W26YX2, D52W26YX30, D52W26YX31, D52W26YX32, D52W26YX33, D52W26YX35, D52W26YX36, D52W26YX38, D52W26YX39, D52W26YX51, D52W26YX56, D52W26YX61, D56W19, D56W19YX1, D56W19YX10, F20TF20, F20TF20TX01(AA1), F20TF20TX2(AA1), F20TF20YX2(AA1), F20TF30TX01(AA1), F27629, F27629TX71(AA14), F27650, F27650TX01, F27650TX01(BB1), F27650TX2, F27650TX2(BB1), F27650YX1, F27650YX1(BB1), F27TF700, F27TF700TX01, F27TF700TX01(BD1), F27TF700YX01(BD1), F32650, F32650YX01, F32650YX01(CA1), F32650YX3, F32650YX3(CA1), F36450, F36650, F36650YX01, F36650YX01(CA1), F36650YX3, F36650YX3(CA1), HD52W59, HD52W59YX1, HD52W59YX10, HD52W59YX2, HD52W59YX20, HD52W59YX21, HD52W59YX22, HD52W59YX23, HD52W59YX30, HD52W59YX31, HD52W59YX32, HD52W59YX33, HD52W59YX35, HD52W59YX36, HD52W59YX37, HD52W59YX38, HD52W59YX39, HD52W59YX50, HD52W59YX51, HD52W59YX60, HD52W59YX8, HD52W64, HD52W64YX10, HD52W64YX2, HD52W64YX20, HD52W64YX21, HD52W64YX38, HD52W64YX39, HD52W65, HD52W65YX10, HD52W65YX2, HD52W65YX20, HD52W65YX21, HD52W65YX38, HD52W65YX39, HD52W67, HD52W67YX21, HD52W67YX22, HD52W67YX23, HD52W67YX30, HD52W67YX31, HD52W67YX32, HD52W67YX33, HD52W67YX35, HD52W67YX36, HD52W67YX37, HD52W67YX38, HD52W67YX39, HD52W67YX50, HD52W67YX51, HD52W67YX56, HD52W67YX60, HD52W67YX61, HD52W67YX66, HD56W65, HD56W65YX21, HD56W65YX38, HD56W65YX39, MR51TF20TX01(AA1), MR51TF20TX2(AA1), MR68TF700TX01(BD1), RCR311THM1
Specifications of New Rca Rcr160Tnlm1 Tv Remote Control
Brand Name RCA
Color Silver
Weight 0.25 pounds
Dimensions 1x2.5x9 inches

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