Battery For Sony Np-Fm55H Alpha A100 Cyber-Shot Ds

ABSB004X2RFEK Battery For Sony Np-Fm55H Alpha A100 Cyber-Shot Ds 14.81 New In stock
Brand: Kastar
UPC: 0689211447875
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Battery For Sony Np-Fm55H Alpha A100 Cyber-Shot Ds

Battery for Sony FM55H, Sony FM55H/50/51, Sony NP-FM50, Sony NP-FM51, Sony NP-FM55H, Sony A100, Sony Alpha DSLR-A100, Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K, Sony CCD-TRV106K, Sony CCD-TRV108, Sony CCD-TRV116, Sony CCD-TRV118, Sony CCD-TRV128, Sony CCD-TRV208, Sony CCD-TRV218E, Sony CCD-TRV228, Sony CCD-TRV308, Sony CCD-TRV318, Sony CCD-TRV328, Sony CCD-TRV408, Sony CCD-TRV418, Sony CCD-TRV418E, Sony CCD-TRV608, Sony CCD-TRV730, Sony CCD-TRV740, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F828, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S30, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S50, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S70, Sony DCR-DVD100, Sony DCR-DVD101, Sony DCR-DVD101E, Sony DCR-DVD200, Sony DCR-DVD201, Sony DCR-DVD201E, Sony DCR-DVD300, Sony DCR-DVD91, Sony DCR-DVD91E, Sony DCR-HC88, Sony DCR-PC100, Sony DCR-PC101, Sony DCR-PC101E, Sony DCR-PC101K, Sony DCR-PC103, Sony DCR-PC104E, Sony DCR-PC105, Sony DCR-PC105E, Sony DCR-PC105K, Sony DCR-PC110, Sony DCR-PC110E, Sony DCR-PC115, Sony DCR-PC115E, Sony DCR-PC120, Sony DCR-PC120BT, Sony DCR-PC120E, Sony DCR-PC300K, Sony DCR-PC330, Sony DCR-PC9, Sony DCR-PC9E, Sony DCR-TRV10, Sony DCR-TRV11, Sony DCR-TRV140, Sony DCR-TRV17, Sony DCR-TRV18, Sony DCR-TRV19, Sony DCR-TRV20, Sony DCR-TRV22, Sony DCR-TRV22K, Sony DCR-TRV230, Sony DCR-TRV240, Sony DCR-TRV25, Sony DCR-TRV250, Sony DCR-TRV27, Sony DCR-TRV30, Sony DCR-TRV33, Sony DCR-TRV330, Sony DCR-TRV33K, Sony DCR-TRV340, Sony DCR-TRV350, Sony DCR-TRV38, Sony DCR-TRV39, Sony DCR-TRV50, Sony DCR-TRV530, Sony DCR-TRV6, Sony DCR-TRV70, Sony DCR-TRV730, Sony DCR-TRV740, Sony DCR-TRV8, Sony DCR-TRV80, Sony DCR-TRV830, Sony DCR-TRV840, Sony DCR-TRV950, Sony DSC-F707, Sony DSC-F717, Sony DSC-F828, Sony DSC-S30, Sony DSC-S50, Sony DSC-S70, Sony DSC-S75, Sony DSC-S85, Sony Handycam CCD-TRV428, Sony Handycam CCD-TRV428E, Sony Handycam DCR-DVD101, Sony Handycam DCR-DVD101E, Sony Handycam DCR-DVD201, Sony Handycam DCR-DVD201E, Sony Handycam DCR-PC330, Sony Handycam DCR-PC330E, Sony Handycam DCR-TRV10, Sony Handycam DCR-TRV265

Features of Battery For Sony Np-Fm55H Alpha A100 Cyber-Shot Ds
  • Kastar Battery Replacement for Sony NP-FM55H NP-FM50 Battery
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion; Battery Voltage: 7.4V
  • Battery Capacity: 2300mAh
  • Package Includes: 1 Battery
  • Compatible with the original battery and charger
Specifications of Battery For Sony Np-Fm55H Alpha A100 Cyber-Shot Ds
Brand Name Kastar
Weight 0.19 pounds
Dimensions 1.06x2.05x4.57 inches

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